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What's Happening with Wood You Knot?

I published WOOD YOU KNOT in the multi-author world of Cinnamon Bay almost a year ago, but unfortunately...the world of Cinnamon Bay is closing. This is a decision the original authors of the Cinnamon Bay world did not make lightly, and had been considering for a while.

Rather than lose this precious story forever, as of today (November 24th, 2023) I have unpublished it. I've re-written it, changing the setting to a fictional Canadian town called Hartwood Creek and altering the background story of the town and any characters not originally created by me. I've also added additional scenes (spicy ones!) and plan on continuing writing more books in the Hartwood Creek Romance series. That's right, the twins (Preston and Paxton) will be getting their own books, as well as several other characters introduced in the book.

You are able to pre-order the new version of WOOD YOU KNOT now, and you can add it on Goodreads.

P.S. I know the "release date" says March 31, 2024, but that's more or less to give me time to play once I get edits back. I'm still hoping to release it sooner than that, and intend on dropping it as soon as the final edits are completed. It'll be $3.99 once it's released, so make sure you pre-order it at the special price of 99 cents!


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