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Trigger Warnings

Below is a list of the smaller triggers within each of my books. If I have forgotten something, or if you feel another trigger should be added to any one of my books, please don't hesitate to reach out. I want to ensure my books are a safe place for my readers to escape in.


Sometimes, certain material and topics can be triggering and I want to make sure my readers are aware of any potential harmful content so they can decrease the chance of encountering material that triggers them. 

The Collide Series


Collide (Book 1) 

Mature Themes, Student/Teacher Relationship, Sexual Assault (off page and on), Police Corruption, Mental Illness (depression)

Consumed (Book 2) 

Mature Themes, College Life, Depression, Sexual Assault (off page), Stalker, Assault (Causing Bodily Harm)

Collateral (Book 3) 

Mature Themes, Sexual Assault (off page)

The Damaged Series


Damaged Goods (Book 1)

Mature Themes, Drinking, Drugs, Sexual Activity, Cliffhanger (non-HEA) 

Reckless Abandon (Book 2)

Second Chance Romance, Single Parenthood, Surprise Baby, Death of a Sibling (off page)

The Rebel Series


Rebel Soul (Book 1)

Mature Themes, Drinking, Sexual Assault (on page), Domestic Violence (off page, referencing MMC upbringing), Parental Loss (off page, FMC's mother and on page, MMC mother), Cancer (MMC's mother)

Rebel Heart (Book 2)

Second Chance Romance, Alcoholism (mentioned, MMC), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (FMC), Domestic Violence (off page, referencing MMC upbringing and MMC's sister's past)

Rebel Song (Book 3)

Single Mother, Domestic Violence (FMC's ex-boyfriend/baby daddy, and FMC's father)

Rebel Christmas (Novella 3.5)

Parental loss (off page, FMC's mother years prior)

The Forgotten Flounders Series


Off Beat (Book 1)

Mature Themes, Drinking, Mental Health (Intermittent Explosive Disorder: MMC & MMC's father. Depression; MMC). Grief (loss of a grandparent; MMC grandfather, off page), Surprise Baby, Found Family.

Off Limit (Book 2)

Grief (loss of a grandparent: FMC's grandfather, off page), Mental Health (Intermittent Explosive Disorder, FMC's father & brother. Alcoholism & drug use (off page, referencing FMC's brother). 

A Hartwood Creek Romance Series


Wood You Knot (Book 1)

Cheating (off page, FMC's ex-fiancé), Single Mom, Narcissistic parent (FMC's mother). 


Coalescence: A Welder Romance

Single father, Parental Alienation (MMC's ex toward MMC), Mild Depression

The Key to 19B

Marriage on the rocks, FMC falls for someone else (separation occurs before anything happens), Divorce.

Riverside Reverie

Cheating (off page, but mentioned by the FMC's ex-boyfriend), toxic sibling relationship (FMC's sister), Mental Health (FMC's sister; Narcissism), Familial Drama (enabling parents; FMC), Drinking (on page), Cliff jumping (on page)

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