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Riverside Reverie


I’ve always had a plan: get good grades and steer clear of any trouble. Confident of how my life would play out…until I wasn’t. 

The day after graduating college, I get a message from my sister that derails everything—a photo of my long-time boyfriend in her bed.

Betrayed and newly single, I find solace in my best friend who convinces me I need to escape. 

I find myself on an unexpected camping trip where a pair of strong arms and smouldering green eyes have me wondering if true love really can exist. 



I thought this was going to be like any other camping trip. Good times with friends, nature, and a little physical exertion. What I didn’t foresee was her. The stunning redhead who sets my body ablaze with flames hotter than the campfire.

Immediately, I’m drawn to her. I can see in her eyes that she can feel the pull too, but something is holding her back. She is a challenge and one I don’t plan on backing away from.

Can I gain her trust and show her I’m not like the last guy, or will she flee as soon as we hit the city limits again?

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