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The Virus, The Push, and the Floodgates

I was planning a comeback for 2020.

Since I spent so much of last year stagnant, I wanted this to be the year. The year of new releases, the year of going back to the roots. I'd outlined a few new books, and had finished one that I intended on dropping in late spring/early April.

So...2020 was supposed to be the year of comebacks and gathering; the year of making plans and keeping them. The year of my career.

Of course, that was before the virus. plans have changed, and I really truly hope yours have, too. It might suck to suddenly go from being able to do quite literally whatever we want, to having lock-down restrictions, but I would much rather have those lock-down restrictions than continue to watch those death toll numbers rise. Even the projected numbers with our social distancing restrictions in place scare me. That's far too many people.

We've all been given a little more time to sit with what we have and what we are. Maybe that's why it's so scary, because we're faced with the grave reality that for too long, we became inattentive in our communications with one another.

We are missing people we haven't thought about in a while, simply because we've been given the time to reflect upon, well...everything.

I've always been a little too good at social isolating (especially in times of stress). I sort of spent the last year doing it, and as soon as I realized the severity of this situation...a bunch of things became abundantly clear to me.

There's still a lot of things I want to write about: a lot of subjects that I touched lightly upon, but ultimately shied away from.

I'm done being shy now.

It might have taken a global pandemic, but I'm ready to walk through those doors and write about all the things I've held back.


J.C. Hannigan

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