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The Tiffany Show International Women's Day Party Recap!

Yesterday was such a beautiful, magical day! Tiffany Arcari of The Tiffany Show put together an amazing celebration of women at The Venue in Peterborough. I am so honoured to have been given the opportunity to speak on stage and share my story with 150 women! Sharing the stage with inspiring, magical local women who have been through so much to achieve their dreams was so surreal and wonderful.

I'm fairly new to public speaking, so it was nerve wracking to share my experience in front of that many people. But it was also invigorating and everyone in attendance was so lovely and supportive, even when my voice shook and I stumbled over my words. The warmth and support was abundant!

The heart of this event was to provide a supportive environment to share our human stories and experiences, and to connect and celebrate one another and build on the amazing community we have. Tiffany and all of the volunteers and the speakers really achieved that vibe! It was such a moving day, I feel like I'm still running on the incredible high of connective energy.

Thank you to every single woman who came out to celebrate with us and listen to our stories, and to all those who shared pieces of themselves! It's truly remarkable when women come together like this for each other, so I'm really hoping that this is a yearly thing.

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