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Off Beat: The Forgotten Flounders Book 1 has a brand new look!

As you may have noticed, OFF BEAT received a bit of a makeover!

Blurb: It’s been nine years since Calum Jacobs, the frontman of The Forgotten Flounders, has returned to his sleepy east coast hometown.

His decision to bail on his post-graduation plans to tour the world with his punk-rock band infuriated his father.

He’s also been too afraid to face Harper Morrison; the girl he left behind. They had plans to go to college together, but the moment he boarded that plane, choosing a different life for himself, Harper had to make her own path…and it didn’t include chasing down a man who’d left her.

When Cal is called back to attend his grandfather’s funeral, he has no idea the shocking secrets that await him…

Signed paperbacks are available, if you'd like to put in a custom order. They are also available for purchase on Amazon.

I've also got the cover for OFF LIMIT, and I can't wait to share it with the world! For now, it has a pretty placeholder cover.

Blurb: Connor Jacobs daydreams of stage lights, sold-out concerts, and Dare McKenzie—her brother’s best friend and the bassist of The Forgotten Flounders. Music and chemistry collide when Dare and Connor quietly start working on a collaboration. He knows that she has what it takes to make it in the music industry, and he’s willing to help make all her dreams come true.

Her family is already struggling with the fallout of an earth-shattering secret. She knows another will destroy her father, who already feels that music has cost their family too much.

Time is running out for Connor, and she must make her choice before she loses everything she’s dreamed of.

You can pre-order OFF LIMIT and add it to Goodreads, Dare and Connor's story is releasing September 6th, 2022!

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