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We went camping last weekend, to the family property up north. After spending nearly 100 days in quarantine with the boys, it was needed; for us all.

It's an instant reset, not just for me but for Matt and the kids as well. They are totally different up here; wild and free range, so unconcerned with video games and YouTube because there are buggie rides and the lake and frog hunting to draw their focus.

But that reset is strictly a mental one. Physically, camping takes a major toll on me before we've even left the house. The packing, the meal prep, the organizing; all of that takes so much of my energy, or "spoons". By the time we climb into the truck and hit the road, I'm ready for a nap (and I usually have to take one on the way up).

I also really tend to over do it. "I'm on vacation, after all" is the mindset I get trapped into. I tried kayaking for the first time this weekend, and although I had limited issues paddling myself around; getting into it was a different story. I've now got a wicked bruise on my ribs from losing my balance and falling when I tried to climb in.

I'm now covered in bruises, but that's kind of the norm for me, what with my platelet secretion deficiency. Half the time, I don't even know where my bruises come from. But when I see these bruises, I think of the memories associated with getting them. Being up north, doing things that I love to do with my family...that's a bruise (and additional pain) I'll smile over. It's worth depleting all my spoons, that's for sure!

I still remember the first time Matt took me camping on his dad's property; almost exactly twelve years ago. It really didn't take me long to fall in love with everything up there. The air is crisper, and I can just breathe better. The stars are so clear too, and I often stay up way too late just looking at them.

Although I need some practice getting in and out of a kayak, I think I'll be investing in one in the near future. It was such a beautiful, relaxing experience to be out on the water with the sun rising.

Only two more weeks until we head back!


Oh! One more quick [and exciting] thing before I go...

The #WEGOHealthAwards are celebrating the patient leaders making a positive impact in the lives of patients and caregivers, and I’m honoured to say have been nominated for this year’s program! I’d be so grateful if you considered nominating me or adding your nomination reason to my WEGO Health profile!

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