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Boxed In

Sometimes, you get comfortable and fall into a routine and never deviate from it. I'm used to considering things that shake up that routine as bad, because the routine is comfort to me. Familiarity. Security.

Our routine has been interrupted by the pandemic many times over the last year and a bit, same as it has for everyone else. We, like many families, are not excelling at Virtual Learning, and I've had to let go of any expectations I have there to save my sanity. I've been pushed to the brink once by this pandemic and the additional stressors that come with it, and I was just coming back from that.

Another change in the tides, so to speak, and my comfort has torn from me again. Change has been forced upon us. We like change, when we plan it ourselves, but when change is kind of thrust upon us, well. We like it less.

As I mentioned briefly in a previous blog post, our landlords have no option but to sell their rental properties, including the lovely little house we've been living in for the past year. Out of all the homes we've ever had, this was by far my favourite. It really was the perfect little house for us.

We weren't planning on leaving here anytime soon, but because they're selling and we have to move, we're finally attempting to buy a house of our own. Rental prices are more costly than a mortgage these days, so we're boxed in with no option but to get a move on with things. I'm the kind of person that likes to know where we're going next and when we'll be there, so this is anxiety inducing to say the least.

For the next week and a bit, it's going to be utter chaos here. Stagers came in on Thursday and decorated the house with all these pretty things, and now we feel like we're living in a HomeSense display.

There's a lot of interest already in our sweet little house, so I'm hoping it won't stay on the market for long and we won't have to deal with too many weeks of disruption. If it were in our budget, we'd have already snatched this house up. Unfortunately, it isn't; we're looking at going a little more north of the 401. Not too north, but north enough that GTA and city prices drop a little.

Unfortunately for us, it's not a great time to buy. It's a great time to sell, but...there's not a whole lot out there in our price range at the moment. We did find a couple of houses we are interested in, so we'll see how all that goes.

In the meantime, please excuse my scatterbrain and delay in sending out paperbacks. I panic-packed my office and all of my books are in a box somewhere in the garage.

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